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REview Written by Eric, Booked a Year in Advance.

Over President’s Day weekend we had a 4 night family celebration of our 50
th Anniversary plus four family birthdays. What a grand time we had in this expansive and delightfully funky home. One of our guest said “It was like living in a fun house” as we laughed at each other getting lost en route to our bedrooms. Here are some highlights of our weekend.

· We could have asked for warmer weather (50’s, 60’s and one low 70 and chilling down at night) but we kept the fire pit burning constantly (really, never went out) and that provided a warm and cheerful gathering spot. One night late a few of us older folks were sitting around the living room thinking we were the last up, only to find the real party was around the fire pit with folks doing story rounds. Oh, also the house is centrally heated so no problem on those chilly nights.

· The weather didn’t interfere with our water fun. With the beautiful clear river more or less a constant 76 degrees, kids to granny and granddad made good use of the rope swing and swimming. Some took the party boat up the river with tubes and tubed and snorkeled down.

· There were many kayak excursions. With 11 kayaks, everyone or groups could do their own thing. One hearty couple kayaked to the headwaters, one went down river for a geocache.

· Whether kayaking or party boating, there was interesting wildlife to observe, the most fun being a big family of playful river otters.

· At our big celebration party we squeezed 29 of us around a long row of tables on the glassed in porch. The delicious Mexican dinner was fully catered by Dorothy, Ray and their beautiful daughters. The leftovers made for lunch and dinner the next day.

· For our birthday celebration meal we did a delicious cookout on Ray’s big barbeque. There is a Winn Dixie about two miles away so it was easy to keep ourselves fortified.

· The big kitchen is well equipped and different family groups took turns making breakfasts and lunches.

· Our group was made up of all ages. A hilarious doubles table tennis tournament was held, the little kids spent happy times in the enclosed trampoline and the pre/teen and teen set cleaned our clocks on the air hockey and foosball games.

At the peak we slept 25 people comfortably in the house, each family/couple with their own bedrooms. There are enough beds, pretty comfortable too, for a bit over 30. For more than that it would be necessary to have sleeping bags or use the many comfortable chairs and loungers. There are about six bathrooms with one unsuited bathroom still under construction. Ray was keen to get our feedback on improvements we might suggest. His sincerity in this regard is best illustrated by a message exchange we had with him after we left.

ERIC Client: More feedback from a lady guest. Downstairs bathroom too dark and no mirror. No mirror in bedroom. Ladies like mirrors. They stayed in Mardi gras room. Hard to get to bathroom at night. This just because you asked for feedback. We all had a great time.

 Ray's Response: Mirrors will be installed tomorrow and I will up the wattage too. I will try to put in another bathroom to accommodate that room too. Thanks for the input.



You will love our new Custom Country Decor and Room Additions and as our repeat guest have said over and over again; there is nothing that is more comfortable, unique, clean and as well-equipped anywhere like our 10.000 sq. ft. Waterfront Vacation Home. It was designed for your family and big reunions that demand comfort, harmony and the dedicated care that The Shelton Family gives to all of our guests. In fact many of our guests don't want to leave our comfortable pillow top beds and pillows or our big comfy porch overlooking our beautiful flowing river. Travelers from around the world intend on using our home as a home base for visiting Disney World and other places around Florida But I can’t remember any of our guests who actually went anywhere. The kids usually sway the family to not leave because they love our home and love exploring our crystal clear river. Parents always welcome the "let’s stay here feelings" from the kids because now they know that they made an excellent selection for their vacation. To our family that is the best testimony that a Vacation Home can have and we are proud to share what we have built with so many wonderful families. Our Free 24 ft. Pontoon Boats, Kayaks and Tubes are just the icing on the cake. It’s our fantastic rope swing right on our own property that gets the biggest use. Try us once and you will want to return again and again. Our summers are always fully booked so book as early as you can.  

   Thank You,
- The Shelton's


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Year Purchased: 1999

Why I Chose Dunnellon


As Co Manager for world champion Boxer and special advisor / friend to president of Philip Morris and General Mills, My Job was to find special sites of interest all around the world. Never in my travels did I find a more beautiful and safe waterfront environment to enjoy and raise children. Born and Raised in South Miami Florida but did not find this place until 1999. Your very lucky as we were to find these crystal clear waters on the Rainbow River, there is nothing like it and we want to share what we have found with you and your family.

The Unique Benefits at this Estate


We are kid friendly but many Corp, youth and adult groups love the privacy at our vacation rental infact many of our guest spend all night just sitting on the dock partying with family and friends. Morning and Evening kayaking can center your life, body and soul as you interact with nature and the wildlife along the river.
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